Our design services include initial site layout, project planning during the permitting phase, bidding for components and services, and contract management.

Our experienced design teams perform a detailed initial site layout to ensure that the best performance and highest energy efficiency can be achieved from the solar project. We also take into account factors such as weather conditions, the surrounding area, and the geographic characteristics of the site to ensure that the project is optimally suited to the site.

During the approval phase, we work closely with our customers and authorities to ensure that the project receives all the necessary permits. We prepare a detailed project plan that covers all steps from approval to commissioning.

We also offer tendering and contract management services to ensure that our customers receive the best components and services at competitive prices. Our experts carry out the tender processes, evaluate the bids and help our customers select the best suppliers and service providers. We ensure that contracts are transparent, fair, and legally secure, and support our customers in implementing and monitoring the project through to commissioning.